At any one time one adult in four will be affected by mental health issues. In other words, mental illnesses are as common as asthma. They range from more common conditions such as deep depression to schizophrenia. Mental illness is not well understood, it frightens people and all too often it carries a stigma. 

Phoenix Hills will always challenge stigma, discrimination and negative attitudes by ensuring everyone has a better understanding of mental healthcare needs, we firmly believe that everyone has the capability and potential to live as safely and independently as they possibly can, if they receive the right level of support.

Our community support services include specific services for domiciliary care and supported  living for service users with mental healthcare needs.

We can provide support to those who present with: - 

Complex post-traumatic stress disorder  (PTSD); 

Early onset psychosis and/or severe depression; 

Emerging personality disorder; 

A forensic history or individuals posing a  specific forensic risk; 

Challenging behaviour  

Dual diagnosis of psychiatric disorder and substance misuse; 

Dual diagnosis of mental health and pervasive developmental disorders; 

Learning Disabilities

Older adults with functional or organic mental health problems 

Phoenix Hills recognises that one of the first key difficulties to overcome in Mental Health services is the sourcing of suitable accommodation, it is for this reason that we will work closely with care managers and service users to urgently identify possible housing opportunities and simultaneously agree a package of support that will enable that placement  or tenancy to be a success.

Phoenix Hills will deliver support through the help of our mental health outreach team who will engage and support individuals in their own tenancies, family home or identified placement.

Phoenix Hills is committed to working in line with the government's mental health outcome strategy "No Decision of Me without Me". Phoenix Hills understands how important it is for service users to have good housing, employments, meaningful lives and positive self-esteem. Our support focuses on recovery and our services work towards rehabilitation for service users, developing skills so that people can take greater control of their lives. We seek to support the person to make progress towards recovery through recognising  and building on their strengths, coping abilities, social networks and support systems.

All Phoenix Hills Mental health services promote an all-round approach to rehabilitation and work according to the principles of social inclusion and the Recovery Model. Service users will be encouraged, where appropriate, to choose therapeutic pathways that will promote positive mental health and an all-round feeling of well-being. Wherever possible, Phoenix Hills will promote social and community integration.

Our support teams will work pro-actively, support access to local leisure and recreation  facilities, local or regional events and further education courses.  

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