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Phoenix Hills offers services to all those with a care and support need, including people with learning disabilities, mental healthcare support needs, people with additional physical support needs as well as people with autistic spectrum disorders. We  provide a  holistic range of care and support services designed to give service users as much or as little care and support as necessary ranging from 1 hour a week through to 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Regardless of whether that assistance is housing related enablement, personal or social care, or more specialist input around the home or out in the community, wherever our services are required, Phoenix Hills provides all customers with the same high quality care and support possible.

Our teams of dedicated, compassionate and friendly care and support workers are committed to providing enabling support with dignity and respect. We're passionate about understanding individual needs and requirements, and ensuring that we support people in just the way they want. We understand the importance of individuals being in control of their own life and care, so we design our services to support personal choices at every stage, from simple tasks to complex care packages, short-term rehabilitation support to long-term care, our care workers and service support teams can help.

Should you require any information please do not hesitate to contact us by Telephone on  0161 8541 541              via email address info@phoenixhills.co.uk  or our other website www.phoenixhills.co.uk


All Phoenix Hills mental health services promote an all round approach to rehabilitation and work according to the principles of social inclusion and the Recovery Model. We work towards individual outcomes, with appropriate support in areas such as training, education, employment, emotional and spiritual well-being, maximising the use of existing community facilities and the promotion of independence to enable individuals to move on and take control over their lives.

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We are committed to the priorities set out in "Valuing People Now" to Improve outcomes for people with learning disabilities in employment, housing and health. Valuing People laid out the vision that all people with learning disabilities have the right to lead their lives like any others, with the same opportunities and responsibilities, with the right support to make this possible and to be treated with dignity and respect.

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Our Community Care Service offers advice and information about community care issues, including finding out what help you can get from your local adult and social services department; how to access the help; and how to make a complaint to your social services department if you are not happy with their decisions or the services they offer. To use the Community Care Service, you can, call our 24-hour Helpline on 0203 995 5692

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It is our priority to place candidates by matching and offering options to both Employers and Jobseekers through our extensive Branch network across the United Kingdom. We do this for both Temporary and Permanent staff Job Placements. Phoenix Hills aims is to provide a consistent, high quality service at a reasonable rate and meet the demands of hospitals, medical, scientific and nursing staff, allied healthcare professionals, social workers, support workers, carers and within the community.

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Field Care Supervisor

Manchester, UK - 54353
Reports to:   Care Manager
Summary of role:
Responsible for implementing field based quality control systems and providing support to all Care & Support Workers within a defined area.

Field Care Supervisors are responsible for the efficient running of their own specific, defined areas and should vary their hours of work in order to effectively monitor and support all Care & Support Workers and Customers.
Field Care Supervisors should spend approximately 95% of their working week in the field with the remaining 5% being spent in the office in order to complete the necessary administrative duties.
The table indicates the method by which the skills/knowledge/level of competence in each area will be assessed.ESSENTIAL CRITERIADESIRABLE CRITERIAASSESSMENT METHOD
Application FormInterviewAssessment CentreOther
Education and Qualifications



Skills and Abilities
Motivated to work towards creating a safe, open and trusting environment
Awareness of the issues around working with vulnerable adults and the boundaries of professional relationships


Work Circumstances
Being prepared to work flexibly to meet the needs of customers and the organisation

To be discussed at interview stage.
Competittive hourly wage as well as enhanced rate for weekends and Bank holidays.
Key Responsibilities:
  • To carry out Individual Needs Assessments for new and potential Customers.
  • To conduct Risk Assessments as part of the Individual Needs Assessment and update these as required as part of the individual’s risk management.
  • To carry out introductory visits every time a Care & Support Worker visits a Customer for the first time.
  • To ensure all Customer visits are always covered.
  • To be on-call in case of emergency.
  • To liaise closely with Care Coordinators regarding recruitment, permanent allocation of Care & Support Workers and the writing of Care & Support Agreements.
  • To identify suitable Care & Support Workers to cover for any absences, this may be due to sickness or holiday.
  • To allocate suitable alternative Care & Support Workers when an existing Care & Support Worker notifies that they are unable to attend a call.
  • To facilitate the practical induction of all new Care & Support Workers.
  • To provide and facilitate in-field training as and when appropriate.
  • To identify any additional training needs of Care & Support Workers and report accordingly.
  • To conduct Customer reviews and respond to Individual Review Forms completed by Care & Support Workers as soon as possible.
  • To urgently report any changes in a Care & Support Worker’s or Customer’s schedule to the Care Coordinator.
  • To monitor, supervise and mentor all Care & Support Workers in the field.
  • To provide support to all Care & Support Workers in the field.
  • To monitor all Customers for service and Care & Support Worker satisfaction.
  • To ensure accuracy and completeness of all documentation held in Customers homes.
  • To encourage and identify opportunities for Care & Support Workers continuing professional development.
  • To ensure that all written reports and administration is up to date.
  • To maintain close liaison with both the Care Manager and Care Coordinator.
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